Millie Wallace’s Pie Crust from The Peach Truck/Pearson Farm



Sift Together:
3 Cups Flour
1 Tablespoon Sugar
1/2 Teaspoon Salt
Cut In:
1 1/4 Cup shortening until it resembles peas
Add 1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar
5 Tablespoons of Water
1 Slightly Beaten Egg
Blend into Flour/Shortening mixture and form into two balls. This will create two crusts shells

Submitted by Jessica Rose of Pearson's Farm/The Peach Truck's Aunt at The Peach Truck/Pearson Farm

Family pie crust recipe from The Peach Truck/Pearson Farm—a tried & true delicious old family recipe for making the perfect pie crust for peach pie or any kind!