Lettuce Wraps fr. Hill & Hollow Farm



Saute ground beef over medium heat for a few minutes.When it starts to brown, add mushrooms, carrots, bamboo shoots, ginger, garlic.Once carrots start to soften, add coconut aminos, aleppo pepper/red pepper flakes black pepper and fish sauce.Mix everything together until well combined and cook for 5 more minutes.Remove from heat and cool slightly. Serve with butter lettuce.

The lettuce wrap recipe is about the most versatile there is: pick your favorite stuffing, whisk up any sauce or spice mix, wrap and eat. A fun new way to enjoy the lettuce.

Submitted by Robin Verson at Hill & Hollow Farm

A highly convertible recipe from certified organic farm, Hill & Hollow.  Lettuce wraps make a great snack, meal, and party or gathering bring that will definitely get you asked back! :0)  Butter lettuce is the idea but any fresh lettuce with scoop-ability will do.  Easily made vegetarian or vegan—just adjust instructions as needed from the ground beef guide as well.  Enjoy!

From NashvilleFarmersMarket.org