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The Tamale Pot-select dates

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What makes Mississippi Delta southern-style tamales different?  We use more corn meal than masa, simmer (vs. steam) our tamales for 5 hours!  Tamales are completely submerged in our special stock so they will be moist & full of flavor.  We use all fresh ingredients & make every one of our tamales by hand including rolling them in the corn husks.  

Bringing the flavor of the Mississippi delta to you--tamale style!  Offering beef, pork, or vegetarian tamales for eat-on-the spot or super low-prep take-home.  Perfect for game days too!  We package our tamales in groups of threes and they can be placed directly in boiling water to heat or in the freezer to store.  The packages will keep in the freezer up to 5 months so you can enjoy tamale-time anytime! 

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