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Lost River Creamery

Small-batch local artisan creamery making fresh gouda cheeses in several flavors.  Lost River Creamery sources from Groves Family Dairy--hormone-free raw milk aged into a find handmade cheese!

Located in the heart of Western Kentucky, we at Lost River Creamery have based our philosophy around a simple belief that we can produce world class cheeses using fresh, raw cows milk and only basic, natural ingredients.  Our cheeses are made entirely by hand in small batches using the freshest milk from the morning milking.   Our milk comes from a local Holstein dairy and is antibiotic and hormone free.  Our cheese is aged for a minimum of 90 days in one of the only true underground cheese aging caves in Kentucky!  The cheese is aged on wooden Ash boards and is turned daily to ensure uniform aging.   The underground caves, the micro-flora of the region and the grasses are what make our cheeses unique.  The French call it Terroir, which is loosely translated "as a sense of place." This embodies certain combined qualities and characteristics that can only be found here and can definitely be tasted in our finished product.
Lost River Creamery is the only exclusive Gouda Cheese maker in the state of Kentucky and one of the few in the Eastern part of the United States.  We may experiment with a few different varieties of cheeses from time to time, like our Cave Aged Cheddar, but our main focus in cheese making will always be Gouda.  We have spent months and months working on a single old world recipe, using the freshest raw milk and all natural ingredients and we believe this is what makes our cheese different from our competition. Check out their Face Book page here!

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