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FAQ: Visiting the Market

For a complete copy of NFM Rules & Regulations click here. Below are a list of responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):  

When are you open?

NFM as a facility is open 362 days a year and Market hours are 8am-6pm though individual merchant hours vary.  Beginning April 17th, 2015 NFM's Market House restaurants and shops are open until 8pm on most Friday & Saturday nights.  We are closed only on Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's Day. The Craft & Flea Shed t is open Friday to Sunday year round. Individual merchant days and hours vary greatly and from season to season. Visit our Merchants page to find out more or contact merchants directly-- link to our merchant directory by alpha may be found here. . 

How can I get to the Market?

There are a plethora of transportation options to get to NFM. We highly recommend walking, biking, or taking public transportation whenever available—especially on busy Saturday's. We are home to a Nashville B-Cycle kiosk where you can hop on a bike and explore the park or city.  Go to our Visit NFM page to get Google Maps directions and click the buttons for mode of transport selected to learn specific information from your location.

Is it free to come to NFM?
For regular Market business there is no entrance fee and parking is free. You simply pay for what you purchase with any of our farmers, artisans, merchants, or restaurants. At times, we do host or co-host special events and/or classes that do require an entrance fee that will be specially posted with the respective event's information.

How is the market supported?
NFM is supported by merchant fees, venue rental fees & grants. The Market operates on a small budget that must support a large array of operating expenses that includes facility care & maintenance, insurance, permits, licenses, signage, utilities, disposal, site improvements, marketing, a 5-person staff  and more. We meet these needs largely through merchant rental fees.

What kinds of products can I find at the market?
Offerings vary throughout the year and TN seasons under NFM's covered, open-air  outdoor sheds. During "peak season" (May-November)--you’ll find locally, regionally, and more fruits & vegetables, meats, plants, flowers & herbs, farm-fresh eggs & dairy products, baked goods, snacks, spices, international items, handcrafted items and more, During "off-peak" season (December-April) you will still find many of these items--particularly those such as meats, dairy, artisan and crafted items that are available year-round.  Inside our fully enclosed Market House, you'll find 16+ restaurants & shops, an international grocery store, prepared foods, specialty items, a craft brewpub and more. Most merchants are at Market on Saturdays but many come other days of the week-most notably Fridays and Sundays. Visit our Merchant guides and individual pages to find out more about different businesses and when they are typically at Market.

How do I contact a merchant?
Visit our Market Directory by alphabetical listing for contact information or visit the Merchant guide pages here.

How do I know if someone has something I'm looking for?

If it's produce--check the Seasonality Chart to see if it looks like it may be in that time of year. We are working on building a search feature on the website that will tell you who is selling that item so you can contact them directly to determine if that have it on hand. Many people also post queries on Facebook, Twitter, or email us here to receive guidance.

Why aren't more of your merchants there or open every day?
Most of our merchants are small, locally-owned businesses. Generally speaking someone has to plant on the farm, milk cows at the dairy, bake the deliciousness, and more. Some, like berry farmers, have specific, small seasons and when it's up they no longer have product to sell. Local and regional farms and entrepreneurs running their own businesses; many doing it all by themselves--is a lot to do! Add in the desire and need for days of rest and it's simply not feasible for most merchants to be at Market seven days, week every week. Check the merchant pages to see who is open when.  It does change through seasons with more able to come more often during the "peak" season of May to November.

Do you accept credit cards? Do your merchants?
NFM currently accepts credit cards for space payments from merchants only. Our merchants are individually owned & operated businesses so most merchants accept credit cards though not all. All accept cash and many accept checks. International Market has an ATM on premises. Contact individual merchants directly to find out about their specific tender acceptance.

Do any of your farmers/merchants accept EBT or SNAP?  

Yes. The following year-round retailers accept EBT/SNAP; International Market. The following farms also accept them and are typically at Market through peak season (May-November); Smiley's Farm (April-November), Swaffords Farm (April-October),and many more  Look for EBT/SNAP signage around Farm Sheds to let you know who else may be taking it throughout their seasons..

How Can I Become an NFM Merchant?
Visit our Become a Merchant page to learn more.

How can I get the most for my money when shopping at farmers' markets?

Know your season.   When produce is in season, it is more plentiful and less expensive--also at it's freshest, most deliciously flavorful peak!

Consider signing up for a CSA.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  How it works is that you pay up front and then get a box of of the freshest, most in season vegetables or meats.   It may feel like your spending a lot to pay up front, but if you eat a lot of vegetables or meats, it generally adds up to less than you would pay if you bought per-trip.  The farmer gets much needed capital earlier in the season, and you get a weekly or bi-weekly "treasure trove" of goodies.  Current farms with CSA drop-offs at NFM include:   Hill & Hollow Farm (certified organic produce), Delvin Farms (certified organic produce), Walnut Hills Farm (grass fed & finished meat CSA), KLD Farm (grass fed & grain-finished meat CSA), Bells Bend Farms (sustainably-grown produce), Old School Farm (sustainably grown produce), and more!