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NCEC Seasonal Cooking Demo

August 2, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Join Nashville Farmers’ Market vendors, chefs and artisans for another series in the Grow Local Kitchen! Register for all for and save $$$, or register for individual classes. Classes are $25 each and must be registered online beforehand. Register now!

June 7th - The first of the Summer of ’17 peaches have arrived. Much to the delight of the many fans of The Peach Truck and their fresh-picked Georgia peaches, The Nashville Farmers’ Market welcomed family-owned business back to Farm Shed 1 the last week of May.  Currently you’ll find clingstone peaches in their signature brown paper sacks, which is what we’ll be using to demonstrate something sweet---peach pie—and something savory---Marinated Cucumber & Peach Salad. Class members will sample both recipes, hear more about when to expect peaches from Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee and leave with a bag of Peach Truck peaches to try the recipes at home!

July 5th - You say To-may-to, I say To-mah-to. However you say it, we all speak the universal language of love for summer tomatoes. Class memebers will taste all the differet varieties of tomatoes grown by our farmers and sold at the Market, and learn some simple recipes using tomatoes with other in-season produce and market product.

August 2nd The Nashville Farmers’ Market welcomes Jilah Kalil, cook, food activist and founder of the just-launched Cooking Up cooking school that is launching at the Market. In the last class of the NCEC Summer Series, Jilah will share her mission to give back through cooking and invites you to cool off with peach salsa, peach gazpacho and tomato gazpacho, using farm fresh produce from the Market.

Farmers’ Market Executive Director Tasha Kennard will demonstrate the big chill: how she makes summer goodies like watermelon, blueberries and corn last into fall and winter through tried-and-tested freezing techniques.





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