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January 26, 2017

Top 5 Ways to Use Bone Broth

We're bewitched for the Schrock's rich, locally made bone broth, and are bursting with joy and excitement to share our top 5 ways to use it with you. This wholesome bone broth is made with free-range chickens raised right on the Schrock's family farm in Wildersville, TN, and can be purchased frozen by the quart every Saturday at the Nashville Farmers' Market in Farm Shed 1. And though sipping this warm, protein-packed delight is popular, we've discovered a slew of other uses that equally comforts the body and soul.

The term "bone broth" can be confusing, since a "broth" is traditionally made with meat and without bones. Therefore, bone broth is actually most similar to a stock, being primarily made from the bones and connective tissue of animals and fish. However, bone broth can differ from stock since it can be simmered for much longer, teasing out even more gelatin from collagen-rich joints and trace minerals that exist inside bones. This long-simmering process makes for a richer mouth-feel and flavor, and can provide essential amino acids to support bodies in healthy ways.

Grains. Cooking grains such as rice, polenta, and quinoa in a luxuriously flavored bone broth can add a savory level of seasoning that grains cooked in water lack. Just remember these handy ratios: rice (1 cup grains to 2 cups bone broth), faro (1 part grain to 2 1/2 cups bone broth), quinoa (1 cup grain to 1 1/4 - 2 cups bone broth), couscous (1 cup grain to 1 1/4 cup bone broth).

Braise. Using rich bone broths as a braising liquid for meats and vegetables is one of our favorite cooking methods at home. Try taking chopped winter root vegetables (such as turnips, potatoes, and onions from Plano Produce), sautéing them until caramelized in a bit of butter and olive oil, then splashing in a cup or two of bone broth to simmer with the lid on until tender — melt-in-your-mouth good!

Reduce. Have you ever made a demi-glace? How about a demi-glace au poulet?? These fancy French sauces are prepared by simmering down a combination of stocks, yet we at the market like to take a tip from Julia Child and opt for a simpler "semi-demi-glace" to save time. Simply take 2-quarts of the Shrock's bone broth, and simmer down uncovered with 2 tablespoons of white wine until 1-2 cups of liquid is left. This intensely rich reduction can be added to soups, stews, and sauces, or heat and spoon over entrees to add a complex depth of flavor.

Simmer. By far the simplest of our top 5 ways to use bone broth, yet one of our most favorite. Simply simmer your favorite vegetables in a rich bone broth for a quick, easy meal to serve with a side of rice. We even like to the simmer locally grown red potatoes found at market that we drain and mash with JD Country buttermilk for a down-home, classic side.

Sauces. To accessorize your dish with the appropriate punch of flavor, think about adding bone broth to sauces and gravies to spill over biscuits, mashed potatoes, and meats. Add bone broths to breakfast gravies, like classic sausage or Kentucky bacon and milk, or whisk into a roux and add parmesan and cream to toss with your favorite pasta, and -- voila! -- an elegant dinner for two.