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April 13, 2017

Peak Growing Season at the Nashville Farmers’ Market

We’re kicking off Peak Growing Season on May 6, 2017 with the sweetest event of the season—Strawberry Jubilee! But what is peak growing season at the Nashville Farmers’ Market? We’re here to explain.

Although our market is one of the few year-round, 7-day-a-week markets in the United States, the majority of our crops in Tennessee are harvested and ready to eat only six months out of the year (May through October). These months designate our peak growing season, and are the best months to visit the Nashville Farmers’ Market for the busiest, fullest market experience. (Tip: Saturdays are always the best days to visit the market!!)

Though strawberries and a few other cool-season crops begin arriving at the market in April, we kick-off peak growing season on the first Saturday in May with our annual Strawberry Jubilee. In May, more crops are being harvested from our farmers’ fields, such as turnips, beets, greens, lettuces, peaches, spring onions, and cool-season herbs.


June brings even more local fresh fruits and vegetables to th emarket, like blackberries, butter beans, and summer squash, but July is really when peak growing season reaches its height. Favorites arrive such as ‘Cherokee Purple’ and ‘Sun Gold’ tomatoes, silver queen and peaches-and-cream sweet corn, summer melons like cantaloupes and ‘Sugar Baby’ watermelons, plus peppers and blueberries.

Summer produce remains in our Farm Sheds through late September, and the arrival of October ushers in fall pumpkins and mums. Peak growing season at the Nashville Farmers’ Market officially ends with our annual Turnip Green Festival on November 4th this year, which is by far the most festive throw-down of the season.

During November through April, when most farmers’ markets in our area are closed, our Winter Market remains open, offering a mid-week pop-up market inside the Market House every Wednesday, and a more expansive farmers’ market experience every Saturday.  Our Saturday Winter Market features a limited amount of winter vegetables, freshly baked breads and desserts, family-owned dairy products, locally-raised steaks and chops, plus fresh farm eggs, artisans cheeses, and more. We hope you will visit us every Saturday throughout the year as we continue to support our local farmers and entrepreneurs.