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August 4, 2017

Our Favorite Healthy Back to School Snacks

Six Back to School Snacks that Beat Candy and Boost Brain Power

Bananas, shmananas! Shoppers can find the largest array of fresh, local fruits and vegetables at market this weekend; just in time for your back to school snacking needs! Whether you’re packing a lunchbox or stocking the fridge, keep your little Einsteins pepped with vitamins and minerals found in fresh farm foods from the market.  You’ll never go back to those snack-packs again.

1)      Ginger Gold Apples – Not only do parents love these Tennessee apples because they are great for baking, kids love them, too, because they are great for snacking! Once these pale green beauties blush to a golden yellow, they are at their peak of sweetness, and ready to be sliced and tossed in cinnamon or bagged for a lunchbox delight. Enjoy them skin-on for a great source of vitamin C and fiber!

2)      Blueberries – They aren’t just for pancakes, parents. Get the littles started on antioxidants at a young age. You can also store them in the freezer or puree them with watermelon to make super fruity popsicles for those steamy late-summer afternoons. Much better than a standard sugary pop.

3)      Watermelon – Who doesn’t love a cool slice of watermelon? It’s hydrating, sweet, and contains the fiber kids need to keep their sugar levels from skyrocketing. Right now, watermelon is at the peak of its season. It’s why we’re celebrating our Watermelon Night Market and Watermelon Weekend August 18-20, 2017. So get yours at the market this weekend and slice it up for the kiddo’s lunchbox next week.

4)      Sweet Corn – Corn doesn’t get any sweeter than at the Nashville Farmers’ Market—it’s true.  Our seasoned expert sweet corn growers know how to produce an ear that’s super sweet, and kids at our market like to snack it raw or steamed.  (And a little dab of butter with a shake of salt doesn’t hurt anybody once and a while, right?)

5)      Cherry Tomatoes- Kids go back to school when the tomato crop is at its sweetest, and the tomatoes at market this year aren’t just sweet, they’re sugary sweet! You’ll want to skip the candy when you taste cherry tomatoes in varieties like ‘Sun Gold’ and ‘Sweet 100’, and with important nutrients like vitamins A and C, and potassium, sweet cherry tomatoes simply can’t be beat.

6)      Peaches – Hands-down, without a doubt, peaches are a favorite among kids at the Nashville Farmers’ Market.  Right now, shoppers are taking home bushels for freezing and preserving, as well as sneaking them into lunch bags to show the kids they care. Peach season is never long enough, so shop for yours this weekend to make that first day of school not only peachy, but productive!