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May 25, 2016

The NFM Encourages Visitors to Walk, Bike, Ride-share, or Bus to the Market

As of this afternoon on May 25, 2016, at 1:30pm, the Nashville Farmers' Market staff was informed that the State of Tennessee will begin the demolition process of the two North Sheds tomorrow, May 26, 2016. This process marks the beginning of the construction of the new Tennessee State Museum, and the project will launce with the installation of an onsite fence that will enclose the museum's construction site. The construction site that will be blocked off includes the two sheds and the 155 parking spaces adjacent to them. Though we were aware that this major change to our onsite parking was coming, we were assured by State officials and leaders of the development team that we would have ample notice. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and the fence is set to be constructed tomorrow at no certain time.

These changes are occuring at pivitol time for the Nashville Farmers' Market, yet we remain positive and hopeful for the future. We are early into our second year as a producer-only market, and riding high on the peak of a wave of positive momentum. We have seen our farmer participation increase by 500% since the issuance of the producer-only policy (from 10 farmer participants in 2014 to over 50 this year in 2016), and our merchant community has grown into the most diverse group of vendors the NFM has ever seen. Our Market House food hall continues to boast record crowds 5 days a week, and our South Sheds are at 100% capacity on our busiest day during the height of peak growing season — a phenomenon never before seen at the Nashville Farmers' Market. Therefore, we are confident our community will continue to show us the support that makes us one of the top destinations in Nashville.  

As we move forward, we encourage our visitors to utilize the many forms of transit our great city has to offer. B-Cycles, ride-share options, trolleys, buses, and walking are all viable ways to reach our market during the time of the State's construction (which is set to be completed by summer of 2018, according to State officials). We hope to see our visitors begin to set an example for the rest of Nashville as our city moves from a commuter city to a greener, more sustainable metropolitan area.

This construction and the removal of the North Sheds was a decision made at the State and City level. It was not the decision of the farmers' market. Yet we will continue to do our best to accommodate not only the needs of our visitors, but our vast merchant community of restaurants, shops, farmers, artisan food makers, crafters, and flea vendors. Our staff will continue to educate our visitors of the best options to reach our market, and locate parking for our merchants in surrounding state lots.

This is an exciting time for Nashville! It is a place of progress and constant change. We hope our visitors and shoppers will continue to support our market, and in turn support the vibrant climate of entrepreneurship our city proudly exhibits.