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August 26, 2016

Late Summer at the Nashville Farmers’ Market

It's late summer at the Nashville Farmers' Market, and we're feeling invigorated by the cooler temperatures that have visited us as of late. Our market is looking forward to the new season of freshly-harvested fruits and vegetables set to arrive in the next few weeks, but for now, we're still savoring the flavors we celebrated so heartily this summer. This weekend, peaches are soft and supple, and ready to be tucked into sheets of pastry dough for pies and galettes. Tomatoes are still shinning in hues of pink, yellow, purple, and red. Fresh cut flowers are vibrant and filling our farm sheds with their late-summer beauty, and sweet corn is approaching its last 3 weeks, and ready for creaming, freezing, and grilling.

Speaking of grilling, Labor Day weekend is right around the corner, and we're excited to purchase our locally-raised steaks, chops, sausages, and ground beef from our Tennessee farmers next week. Summer vegetables like sweet corn and summer squash will still be abundant to toss on the grill, as well as fresh milk and heavy cream for one last twirl of our ice cream makers before the summer fruits are gone.

After Labor  Day comes our sweet and spicy celebration —Pepper Fest on September 16th and 17th. This event will be an international celebration of food and fun, and we hope our friends will join us to learn a bit about the importance of this  many cultures and cuisines that join us here at our the Nashville Farmers' Market. Come for a day of salsa dancing, live music, food, and celebration.

This weekend, we hope you join us at the market as we begin to say "see you again" to summer. Now is the time to bring those blueberries and peaches home for the freezer, and to fill your vases with fresh flowers grown lovingly by our farmers. Late-summer is also the time for pots of shelled beans and peas, and we're confident that after discovering the wide variety available at the Nashville Farmers' Market, you will be ready to bubble a pot on your stovetop this weekend. You'll also discover a new arrival--locally-grown Tennessee apples in varieties like 'Ginger Gold' and 'Gala' at Swafford Farms, Yates Cave, and Fisher's Orchard. So grab your grocery bags and find a parking spot across Bicentennial Park for a breezy walk, and we'll see you this Saturday and Sunday for a late-summer shopping experience with your local farmers, food artisans, and restaurants.