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July 26, 2016

Ingredients for Perfect Tomato Pie

This Saturday, the Nashville Farmers' Market is ripe with fresh ingredients to make a perfect tomato pie. Whether you're a strict tomato purist or like to toss other summer vegetables in the mix—a mayo-only person or an experimenter of flavors—we've listed some key ingredients you can find this Saturday to make the perfect tomato pie from the Nashville Farmers' Market. So dust off your crust making skills (or don't and simply snag a store-bought one), because summertime at the Nashville Farmers' Market means Tomato Pie Time, and we're here to give you the scoop on the best finds this weekend.

Saturdays at the Market are filled with tables of sweet tomatoes in shades of red, orange, pink, and purple. This tomato pie features German heirloom tomatoes that are meaty and sliced thick, and available from Athena's Harvest Farm. Jesse and Athena grow some of the sweetest tomato varieties at our market, and are more than happy to share their knowledge with any culinarily curious customer.  Athena's Harvest Farm can be found every Saturday at the Nashville Farmers' Market between the farm sheds.

To make this tomato pie sing with a special kind of zing, we used a creamy fresh buttermilk from JD Country Milk in addition to a bit of classic mayonnaise. This family dairy brings the most quality milks, butters, and yogurts to our market every Saturday from pasture-raised cows that consume a healthy diet of vitamin rich grasses. JD County Milk always ensures your dairy products are fresh and hormone-free, and draws one of the largest crowd of dedicated followers every Saturday to the line outside the farm sheds.

Finally, there's nothing that pumps up the power of a Southern tomato pie like cheese, and the Nashville Farmers' Market is fortunate to host some of the most talented cheese-makers in the region. Lost River Creamery produces small-batch cave-aged goudas that wow market crowds every weekend, and for this tomato pie, we opted for handfuls of their oldest cave-aged variety that we shredded and piled high atop our beautiful heirloom tomatoes. Nestle it all inside a handmade (or store-bought) crust, and bake until brown and bubbling. Slice a wedge, serve, and taste the flavors of Tennessee in the summertime.