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February 10, 2017

Hot Chicken Arrives at the Nashville Farmers’ Market

Finally, hot chicken makes its debut at the Nashville Farmers’ Market, yet the unsuspecting chef behind the recipe may surprise you.

Siva Pavuluri is no stranger to heat. Her home of Andhra Pradesh, located on the southern coastline of India, is the country’s leading producer of red chili, and widely known for its spicy Telugu cuisine. For the past 8 years, Pavuluri has been the owner of Swagruha—the casual hot bar of southern Indian curries that draws long lines of dedicated spice-seekers every day inside the Nashville Farmers’ Market. Now, Pavuluri is trying her hand at a new kind of southern specialty—Nashville hot chicken—and the flavor is so supreme, it's difficult to hide her enthusiasm.

“I’ve tried so many different hot chicken restaurants, because I wanted to create an Indian spin on a local favorite,” Pavuluri explains. And what was borne from her extensive research may be a bit nontraditional, yet the flavor is so satisfying—the heat is so on point—that any purists would name it a major player in Nashville’s hot chicken game.

The meal begins in the traditional style with 3 hot chicken tenders or wings placed atop a slice of white bread. Accompanying is a nest of hot seasoned fries tossed in a handmade spice blend served with a side of homemade curried ketchup. Flavors like ginger, cumin, and chili swirl throughout the dish, leaving hints of Pavuluri’s Indian influences with every flavor-packed bite.

“I want to give my customers real authentic Indian food and a high quality product,” Pavuluri admits. “I make everything fresh every morning, and I buy what I can from the farmers outside.”

You can taste Swagruha’s spicy hot chicken, along with their selection of fresh curries seven days a week inside the Market House food hall at the Nashville Farmers’ Market.