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August 31, 2017

Stuffed Pepper Recipe Contest


When it comes to classic Stuffed Peppers, Americans tend toward green bell peppers with a ground beef-rice-tomato sauce combo.  In Spain, it’s Pimentos Rellenos, in India it’s Bharvan Mirch, in Mexico it’s Chili Relleno, and in sports bars from coast to coast, Jalapeno Poppers rule!  Bring your best stuffed peppers---carnivorous, vegetarian or vegan---to the International Pepperfest at the Nashville Farmers’ Market on Saturday, September 9th and vie for Stuffed Pepper Supremacy in our Stuff-A-Pepper Recipe Contest.

Bring four servings of your best Stuffed Peppers to the 7th Avenue-side picnic/patio area between 12:30-1pm. Judging will begin at 1pm and winners will be announced—and prizes awarded---by 2pm. Any questions, contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


August 24, 2017

10 Signs of Fall at the Farmers’ Market

We’ve noticed 10 conspicuously comforting signs that fall is around the corner at our farmers’ market, as summer begins to wind down after another sweltering stint. There’s a slightly cooler breeze in the air, and a few morning lows have been down-right chilly, yet it’s what our farmers are bringing to market from their fields that really reflect the season’s pending change. So without further ado, we give you the 10 Signs of Fall at the Farmers’ Market that you can find this weekend as you shop for late-summer produce

1)   Mums. Late-summer is when these fall favorites begin to arrive at our farmers’ market. This week, they’re trickling into the Farm Sheds in shades of ruby red, lemon yellow, and harvest orange.  Score yours this Saturday, and get a jump-start on your neighbors.

2)   Farmhand Dinner. Every year, when tickets to our Farmhand Dinner go on sale, we begin to get excited for a cool fall night celebrating our farmers with the city’s best chefs. Purchase your tickets, now, and find out which names will be behind this year’s spectacularly Southern 5-course meal.

3)   Pumpkins and Gourds. The first of these cucurbits that typically arrive in late August are the smaller varieties; a foreshadowing of the great pumpkin boom to come in September. So for now, grab a few for your kitchen table arrangement, and begin to plot where you’ll want to place the larger heirlooms and carvers to come.

4)   Ornamental Corn. These multi-colored, bejeweled ears of corn are a type of flint corn cultivated and eaten by Native American tribes. Today, our farmers grow these varieties for our shoppers to decorate with, and we don’t think there’s a better way to celebrate fall than with a front door adorned with a bushel of these bunches.

5)   Wheat Bundles. Speaking of adorning doors, these bundles of wheat come from the fields of our farmers; not the shelves of major box hobby stores. Make your fall wreaths using these lithesome stems—they’re simply stunning in fall flower arrangements, as well.

6)   Smiley’s Pea Sheller. The arrival of the Smiley’s famous pea sheller at market signifies two important things—it’s peak pea week in Tennessee, and summer is beginning to come to an end. Shop for freshly shelled, local pink-eye purple-hull peas this Saturday.

7)   Hot Chili Peppers. Not only do peas and beans proliferate in the hot, hot heat, so do hot, hot chili peppers! Find the hottest of the chili peppers at our farmers’ market right now, including seranos, poblanos, habaneros, and the world’s hottest chili pepper, the Carolina reaper. If *YOU* love hot chili peppers, don’t miss Nashville’s spiciest international event, the International Pepperfest on September 9, 2017.

8)   Sweet Potatoes. What makes peppers hot makes potatoes sweet—heat! When the weather begins to cool, you know the sweet potatoes are beginning to be harvested from the fields. Grab them now and get ready for a sweet potato roasting party!

9)   Popcorn. Move over, Orville Redenbacher. These kernels are grown and dried locally. Get your farm-grown popcorn this weekend from Simons’ Produce for special movie nights and low-calorie snacking.

10)   Fall Vegetable Plants. Gardens of Babylon is beginning to stock up on all the fall crops from collards to spinach to cabbage and Brussels sprouts. So get your fall garden beds weeded and fertilized, folks. Fall flavors will be at your fingertips before you know it. 

August 17, 2017

Top 3 Watermelon Salads

Nothing quite beats the heavy swelter of Nashville heat like an ice cold slab or slice of watermelon. Sweet, crisp, and endlessly hydrating, summertime is never spent without the benefits of this cucurbit. We Southerners enjoy and embrace the watermelon's grand glory so much that we've developed a number of watermelon salad recipes. Herbs like basil and cilantro, acids such as lime and balsamic, cheeses and even nuts all when mingled with watermelon can produce a host of side dishes appropriate for outdoor barbecues and dinner parties allike. Here are our Top 3 Watermelon Salads to pair with meats, take to a cookout, or scoop into a bowl and enjoy all by itself. 

Orange Watermelon, Arugula, and Goat Cheese Salad

We like to make a vinaigrette out of extra-virgin olive oil, white balsamic, a few tablespoons of honey, and a 1/2 teaspoon of grated fresh garlic, then toss with sweet orange meat watermelon from Kindred Farms, a nest of peppery arugula, and a crumble of Noble Springs goat cheese. (Add some mint to your salad, too, if you like. We like.)


Watermelon Basil Salad

This riff off a classic tomato salad swaps one favorite Southern fruit for another. Toss thinly sliced red onion with tangy Noble Springs feta in a classic red wine vinaigrette with lots of black pepper, a fistful of fresh basil, and plenty of cold cubes of watermelon. 


Watermelon Poblano Salad

Our most festive watermelon salad begins with a sweet and tangy vinaigrette of freshly squeezed lime juice, extra-virgin olive oil, honey, lots of chopped mint leaves, and a de-seeded minced jalapeno pepper. Then we toss it with sweet watermelon cubes, spicy and sweet chopped poblano peppers, goat cheese feta, and toasted slivered almonds. Add cilantro, too, for another layer of herby flavor. 


August 4, 2017

Our Favorite Healthy Back to School Snacks

Six Back to School Snacks that Beat Candy and Boost Brain Power

Bananas, shmananas! Shoppers can find the largest array of fresh, local fruits and vegetables at market this weekend; just in time for your back to school snacking needs! Whether you’re packing a lunchbox or stocking the fridge, keep your little Einsteins pepped with vitamins and minerals found in fresh farm foods from the market.  You’ll never go back to those snack-packs again.

1)      Ginger Gold Apples – Not only do parents love these Tennessee apples because they are great for baking, kids love them, too, because they are great for snacking! Once these pale green beauties blush to a golden yellow, they are at their peak of sweetness, and ready to be sliced and tossed in cinnamon or bagged for a lunchbox delight. Enjoy them skin-on for a great source of vitamin C and fiber!

2)      Blueberries – They aren’t just for pancakes, parents. Get the littles started on antioxidants at a young age. You can also store them in the freezer or puree them with watermelon to make super fruity popsicles for those steamy late-summer afternoons. Much better than a standard sugary pop.

3)      Watermelon – Who doesn’t love a cool slice of watermelon? It’s hydrating, sweet, and contains the fiber kids need to keep their sugar levels from skyrocketing. Right now, watermelon is at the peak of its season. It’s why we’re celebrating our Watermelon Night Market and Watermelon Weekend August 18-20, 2017. So get yours at the market this weekend and slice it up for the kiddo’s lunchbox next week.

4)      Sweet Corn – Corn doesn’t get any sweeter than at the Nashville Farmers’ Market—it’s true.  Our seasoned expert sweet corn growers know how to produce an ear that’s super sweet, and kids at our market like to snack it raw or steamed.  (And a little dab of butter with a shake of salt doesn’t hurt anybody once and a while, right?)

5)      Cherry Tomatoes- Kids go back to school when the tomato crop is at its sweetest, and the tomatoes at market this year aren’t just sweet, they’re sugary sweet! You’ll want to skip the candy when you taste cherry tomatoes in varieties like ‘Sun Gold’ and ‘Sweet 100’, and with important nutrients like vitamins A and C, and potassium, sweet cherry tomatoes simply can’t be beat.

6)      Peaches – Hands-down, without a doubt, peaches are a favorite among kids at the Nashville Farmers’ Market.  Right now, shoppers are taking home bushels for freezing and preserving, as well as sneaking them into lunch bags to show the kids they care. Peach season is never long enough, so shop for yours this weekend to make that first day of school not only peachy, but productive!