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February 24, 2017

CSA Pick-Up is Easy at Our Market

Meet your local farmers at our third annual CSA Fair on Saturday, February  25, 2017, and learn why CSA pick-up at our market is easy, breezy, simple, and fast! Our market is home to more than 40 local and regional farmers during peak growing season, and many of them offer CSA shares offering fresh, locally-grown produce, grass-fed meats, herbs, and even flowers. Our market wants to make sure you and your family can access your CSA easily all throughout the year.

CSA Parking Spaces. Our market has special CSA-designated parking spaces for you to easily pull-up to and grab you box, basket, or bag of fresh farm food every day of the year. CSA members can always easily access their bounty at the Nashville Farmers' Market without the hassle of carrying such a large load.

Produce Variety. The Nashville Farmers' Market offers the largest variety of CSAs in middle TN. You'll find freshly harvested full-shares of organic produce from Bells Bend Farm, Bloomsbury Farm, Delvin Farms, Hill and Hollow Farm, and our newest member, White's Family Farm. With an easy pick-up location, the Nashville Farmers' Market is the best way to access these bounties of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Meats. Not only does the Nashville Farmers' Market offer the freshest produce CSAs, but we have some of the best grass-fed and locally-raised meat options at our market. Find fresh beef from Walnut Hills Farm and Meyers Beef, lamb from Ladies of the lamb, and pork, chicken, too. We even have Alaskan Salmon for you to access easily every day from our designated parking spots. 

February 13, 2017

Top 5 Reasons To Join a Nashville CSA

Our Top 5 Reasons to Choose a CSA Program in Nashville, TN, will help you, our market shoppers, decide if Community Supported Agriculture is right for you and your family! Beginning your search at our 3rd Annual CSA Fair on Saturday, February 25, 2017, is a smart way to start. But until then, we've complied our top 5 reasons you should join a Nashville-area CSA program this year so you can learn the many ways both you and our local farmers can benefit.

What is a CSA?

CSA is an acronym that stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is essentially a symbiotic relationship formed between consumers and their local farmers. Each farm offers a certain number  of "shares" per year which can include anything from produce to dairy to meat, baked goods, flowers, etc. However, most CSAs offer fresh fruits and vegetables, or even a combination of each. Customers purchase a subscription at the beginning of the year, and receive a box or basket of farm products every week throughout the farming season.

To learn more about how you can benefit from a CSA program here in Nashville, read our Top 5 Reasons below, and also, be sure and join us on February 25th, 2017, from 10am to 2pm at the Nashville Farmers' Market for our CSA Fair, where you can meet local farmers and learn about the CSA programs available!

1) Fresh food, all year. One of the biggest perks of joining a CSA has got to be our favorite word at the Nashville Farmers' Market—FRESH! The food you receive through your local CSA has been grown and harvested fresh from the farms in our area, producing better flavors, more nutrients, and tastier meals all year long.

2) Know where your food comes from. Shopping at a major grocery store chain leaves some families left with unanswered questions about where their produce was grown or how their meat was raised. With a CSA membership, you have a direct connection to the person who feeds you, ready to answer any questions you may have.

3) Supporting local economy. Nashville is booming, and supporting our local agriculture is one way to ensure everyone benefits. By supporting a local farm with a CSA subscription purchased at the beginning of the year, you're helping them feed your family, and theirs, too.

4) Knowledge. Through a CSA membership, not only do you reap the benefit of fresh food, but you learn more about seasonality and how food is grown/produced. You also gain cooking skills with new and fun recipes at your disposal.

5) Recipes! Yes, we said recipes. With most CSA subscriptions, you receive a new recipe every week from your farmer that corresponds with the ingredients in your box. And there are no better recipes, we've found, than recipes created by farmers! They know food, flavors, and how to cook for families. Learn all about the kinds of CSA subscriptions and recipe programs at our CSA Fair on Saturday February 25th, 2017! 

February 10, 2017

Hot Chicken Arrives at the Nashville Farmers’ Market

Finally, hot chicken makes its debut at the Nashville Farmers’ Market, yet the unsuspecting chef behind the recipe may surprise you.

Siva Pavuluri is no stranger to heat. Her home of Andhra Pradesh, located on the southern coastline of India, is the country’s leading producer of red chili, and widely known for its spicy Telugu cuisine. For the past 8 years, Pavuluri has been the owner of Swagruha—the casual hot bar of southern Indian curries that draws long lines of dedicated spice-seekers every day inside the Nashville Farmers’ Market. Now, Pavuluri is trying her hand at a new kind of southern specialty—Nashville hot chicken—and the flavor is so supreme, it's difficult to hide her enthusiasm.

“I’ve tried so many different hot chicken restaurants, because I wanted to create an Indian spin on a local favorite,” Pavuluri explains. And what was borne from her extensive research may be a bit nontraditional, yet the flavor is so satisfying—the heat is so on point—that any purists would name it a major player in Nashville’s hot chicken game.

The meal begins in the traditional style with 3 hot chicken tenders or wings placed atop a slice of white bread. Accompanying is a nest of hot seasoned fries tossed in a handmade spice blend served with a side of homemade curried ketchup. Flavors like ginger, cumin, and chili swirl throughout the dish, leaving hints of Pavuluri’s Indian influences with every flavor-packed bite.

“I want to give my customers real authentic Indian food and a high quality product,” Pavuluri admits. “I make everything fresh every morning, and I buy what I can from the farmers outside.”

You can taste Swagruha’s spicy hot chicken, along with their selection of fresh curries seven days a week inside the Market House food hall at the Nashville Farmers’ Market.

February 3, 2017

Market House Leasable Spaces 2017

The Nashville Farmers’ Market is currently accepting applications for three leasable spaces inside the Market House for tenant concepts. The spaces available are well suited for quick service, grab-and-go, and retail concepts due to the square footage available and lack of existing hood ventilation. The spaces are 300 sqft., 250 sqft., and 180 sqft. Applicants must demonstrate how the concept meets the minimum qualifications.

o Concepts that align with the Market’s strategic vision will receive highest priority
o Concept must demonstrate local and/or regional sourcing
o Concept must offer healthy food options to shoppers
o Concept must demonstrate an effort to reduce food and material waste
o Concept must operate a minimum of 6 days per week from 8 am - 6 pm
o Concept must operate during all Night Market events from 5 pm - 8 pm
o Concept must demonstrate the plans and financial ability to improve the leasable space
o Concept must demonstrate ability to operate within a 3 – 5 year sublease at $14.00 - $20.00 per square foot over the term of the sublease.

February 1 – March 1, 2017 Applications accepted
March 2 – March 20, 2017 Qualified applicant review and meetings
March 22, 2017 Staff recommended presentation(s) to board & discussion
April 26, 2017 Board discussion and approval
Summer 2017 Concept opening at NFM

Conditions and Information
 Completed applications must be submitting no later than March 1, 2017 to be considered and reviewed for any available leasable space as outlined in the application qualifications.
 The completing of this application by applicant and the acceptance of this application by the Nashville Farmers’ Market (NFM) creates no obligation of NFM to approve application.
 This is a preliminary application. As such, NFM may require applicant to submit additional information at its sole discretion.
 While there is no obligations of NFM to notify applicant, applicants may expect to receive a response from management regarding next steps prior to March 20, 2017.
 Approval of this application is required to become eligible to use selected Nashville Farmers’ Market (NFM) facilities upon proper reservation and payment. Please address the fields in each section of the application as indicated in type or legible print.
 Please note that application packets will not be returned.

To print a copy of the Leasable Space Application, click here.

For more information about the lease application process or required information, please contact Tasha Kennard at 615-880-2001 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).