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December 29, 2016

Nashville Farmers’ Market Co-Host’s New Year’s Eve Celebration

If you haven't already heard, the NFM is participating in Nashville's largest New Year's celebration, the 8th Annual Jack Daniel's Music City Midnight, and we're thrilled to have so many guests enjoy the festivities at our market! The Market House will open at 4 pm the day of the event offering bar services, 16 locally-owned restaurants, and limited indoor seating. Enjoy the many international cuisines to be discovered, and make dining with your New Year's Eve date a night to remember. Also, bring the whole family for plenty of kid-friendly options! Find a list of menu examples below.


1.     B&C BBQ & Market - BBQ Chicken and Pork, Grits, Mac n Cheese

2.    The Picnic Tap - Craft Beer, Gourmet Hot Dogs

3.    Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream - Ice Cream, Milk Shakes, Floats

4.    Music City Crepes - Sweet and Savory Crepes

5.    Jamaicaway - Jerk Chicken, Rice, BBQ, Collards

6.    Chicago Gyro - Chicken Salad, Combo Plates, Gyro meal

7.    The Sweet Stash - Cookies, Cupcakes, Baked Goods, Pastries

8.    Nooley's - Shrimp Poboys, gumbo, muffalettos, fried bologna poboy

9.    Farmers' Deli - Burgers, Philly Sandwich, Chicken Tenders, Hot dogs

10.   Bella Nashville Pizza - Wood-fired Neopolitan-style pizzas

11.   Butter Cake Babe - coffee, hot cocoa, butter cakes, bagels

12.   El Burrito - burritos, nachos

13.   Green Asia - Chinese Cuisine and Buffet

14.    Funk Seoul Brothers in the Grow Local Kitchen - Kimchi Cracked Rice Bowls and Korean BBQ Tacos

14.   Swagruha - Indian Cuisine

15.   Moose Head Kettle Corn (7th Avenue patio) - over 25 flavors popped fresh on-site

16.   Linda's Donuts (7th Avenue patio) - mini donuts, hot dogs, hot cocoa

17.  Fountiain of Juice (market interior) - variety of fresh juices

Don't Forget our Farm Sheds will be closed all of Dec. 31st, and the entire NFM will close New Year's Day, So get your New Year's Day greens on Friday the 30th!! The market will re-open on January 2nd for business as usual.

 Who's ready for a new year?! We surely are. Because lest we all forget...just 3 more months until STRAWBERRY SEASON!!!!

 See you all this weekend!


December 13, 2016

Reggie’s Veggies at the Nashville Farmers’ Market

Reggie Marshall and his family come together to create a budding business, Reggie's Veggies, that retails at the Nashville Farmers' Market every Wednesday inside the Market House, and Fridays and Saturdays under the Farm Sheds. Through their combined talents, the family garners a dedicated and enthusiastic following, with each member adding something unique to what they offer. The family's market table has become a go-to for shoppers to find interesting varieties of herbs, vegetables, and greens; delicious home-baked cakes and pies; hand-made seasonal wreaths; and, of course, their most-popular array of mint infused teas that customers find to be irresistible while shopping at the market.

Reggie's Veggies consists of four team members — Reggie, Sr., wife Ingrid, Reggie, Jr., and Brian (nicknamed "Bam"). The family is warm and friendly, with an acute knowledge of farming and food, that often draws crowds around their table to stop and enjoy conversation. From the spiciness of mustard greens to the notes of grapefruit mint, they possess a magnetic way of describing the nuanced flavors of the herbs and vegetables they grow.

Reggie graduated from TSU with a degree in animal science and a minor in chemistry, back when the local food scene was not what it is today. He chose nursing school as a way to support his family, but has since found the freedom to pursue his passions.  Three years ago, on the urging of a friend, Reggie registered for TSU's New Farmer Academy program, and has been learning and growing as a farmer through his successes and failures ever since. "I've always had gardens, but I never had a lot of land to use. Now, I get to use land on TSU's campus. I can do the things I enjoy, and the local food movement has really offered me this opportunity."

The Jackson, Tenn, native grew up in a deeply-rooted farming family, and learned the practices that produce quality products from his father. "The way we do our greens is the same way we did them growing up. My father sold to grocery stores, so we always sent them clean. We never sent them dirty, so that's just what we do."

The family finds what they can grow/make/bake, and do it well, such as okra, sweet potatoes, herbs, and greens, with the addition of value-added products made with their crops, like sweet potato pies, carrot cakes, and mint teas. The varieties they grow continue to impress at the market, with 12 varieties of mint, including grapefruit, pineapple, Kentucky Colonel, and Moroccan, and  the okra variety, 'Jambalaya,' that was a huge hit at the market this past summer. Their participation at the Nashville Farmers' Market, has given Reggie's Veggies the opportunity to spark new relationships with local restaurants and chefs. "Currently, we have3 restaurants that are buying from us weekly — The Southern V, which is a Southern vegan restaurant; Veggie Village, which is Jamaican on 5th Avenue in Germantown; and Carlos Davis of Riff's Fine Foods."

What lies ahead for Reggie's Veggies is growth and expansion:  They are in the process of becoming GAP certified, have acquired access to a new commercial kitchen, and are installing hoop houses this winter to make way for new crops. Cut flower varieties will continue to increase on their market next year, and Reggie, Jr. hopes to have 40 different international varieties of peppers in cultivation, assisting the market's continued goal to meet the level of multiculturalism this city has reached. Brian, the herbalist, continues to add varieties to the list, and create new flavors of teas to please their loyal fans.

"Farming is something I swore I would never do, again," Reggie says, breaking out into a boisterous chuckle.

It seems, in Reggie's case, returning to your roots can produce a fruitful life full of happy, yet unexpected, surprises. 

December 2, 2016

Will Uhlhorn in the Edible Kitchen

Join us in welcoming chef Will Uhlhorn of 360 Bistro to the Nashville Farmers' Market's Edible Kitchen, this Saturday, December 3, 2016. Chef Uhlhorn will prepare a delicious, seasonal salad of fresh fall produce found at the Market for shoppers to sample after the show.  The Edible Kitchen is the Nashville Farmers' Market's mobile kitchen, sponsored by Edible Nashville magazine, and features a different Nashville chef every first and third Saturday of every month, teaching audiences simple, yet delicious recipes made with the seasonal ingredients found at the Market.

Chef Uhlhorn is an acclaimed veteran of the Nashville culinary scene, serving as executive chef of F. Scott's, Miel, and now 360 Bistro over the span of two decades. His approach to cuisine is simple and elegant, letting seasonal, fresh ingredients shine. Chef Uhlhorn will join us in the Edible Kitchen Saturday, December 3, at 10 and 11 am to demonstrate his Roasted Beet and Shaved Carrot Salad with Goat Cheese-Cauliflower Puree. Don't miss your opportunity to learn how to prepare this delicious recipe, and taste a sample after the show.

To learn more, visit our Edible Kitchen sponsor, Edible Nashville