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May 31, 2016

Register For Our Seasonal Cooking Series

Join us as we partner with the Nashville Community Education Commission to launch our Seasonal Cooking Series the first Wednesday of every month from June 1st to August 3rd in the Grow Local Kitchen. This workshop will give class participants the knowledge they need to prepare healthful meals using fresh ingredients found at the market during the growing season.

Each class will feature seasonal produce, the farmers who grew it, and an instructor who will prepare a wholesome meal using ingredients you just learned about! Recipes, tips on cooking and seasonally, produce and recipe sampling are included in the fee. Leave class with the confidence to buy your own ingredients at the market and prepare a tasty, seasonal meal yourself at home. Register for all three classes and save some cash, or register for individual workshops.

For our first class of the series, on Wednesday June 1st, we'd like to welcome Melissa of A Healthy Happy Heart. Melissa is an author, blogger, recipe developer, and fitness enthusiast. She will prepare a healthy seasonal recipe at our market from 6 pm to 7 pm using Smiley's Farm produce. Be sure not to miss it, and find more about Melissa at her blog.

Note: All classes take place at the Nashville Farmers’ Market Grow Local Kitchen and will feature produce that is seasonal and found at the market that month.

For more information, register at:

May 27, 2016

Peach Jam Kicks Off Summer Season!

Join us as we kick off summer with the sweetest, juiciest, peachiest event of the year — The Nashville Farmers’ Market Peach Jam, sponsored by The Peach Truck! On June 18, 2016, from 10am to 2pm, our local and regional farmers are bringing hundreds of boxes of their best fresh farm peaches to the market and we wanna celebrate. Truckloads of peaches from all the best peach growing places — Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and right here in Tennessee. The Peach Jam will also include live music, a Peachy Pastry Baking Contest inside the Market House, food trucks, freshly baked pies and cobblers for purchase, Jeni’s Ice Cream new flavor launch using Pearson Farm Peaches, activities for kids, and much more peachy party fun.

Participating farms at The Peach Jam will include Pearson Farm of Fort Valley, Georgia (brought to you by our sponsors, the Peach Truck); Fisher’s Orchard of Greer, South Carolina; Hal Hayes Farms of Chilton County, Alabama, and Bells Bend Farms from right here in Nashville, Tennessee. These farms will join our already robust line-up of local and regional farmers selling their fresh vegetables, locally raised meats, artisan cheeses, eggs, milk and dairy products, freshly baked breads, desserts and more.

For all our culinary talents who patronize our market, we’re bringing you the Peachy Pastry Baking Contest inside the Market House. At noon, bring us your favorite, perfectly peachy pastry: pies, cobblers, tarts, or crisps for our judges to taste their way to the best. The first place winner will receive a full box of peaches from The Peach Truck for you to can, freeze, jam, or simply eat. Peachy pastry entries should equal 6 or more servings, so bring your entire cobbler or pie or 6 portions of your peachy pastry. Entries are accepted by the Grow Local Kitchen from 12:00pm to 12:30pm, and the winners will be announced at 1:30pm.

And don’t forget to join us at the Edible Kitchen for a live demonstration by chef Jess Rice at 10am and 11am. Chef Rice will be whipping up something delicious and seasonal using Pearson Farm peaches and other fresh ingredients found at the market. Grab a recipe card and enjoy a free sample, to boot.

This will be one heckuva peach party, folks, so don’t miss it! Parking will be available onsite and in the surrounding state lots. Tip-based olf cart shuttle services will be canvassing the area.

May 26, 2016

NFM at Vanderbilt University Medical Plaza

We are excited to open our satelite market for the season on June 2, 2016, at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The NFM at VUMC offers fresh farm food to the Vanderbilt University campus and beyond. This market is held every Thursday from 2 to 5pm on the medical center plaza until the last week of October, and it is presented by our friends at Health Plus

The NFM at Vanderbilt University Medical Center is a unique boutique market that offers all the basic grocery staples fresh from the farm. Find the summer's freshest blueberries and blackberries by Kelly's Berry Farm when they are in season, plus all your fresh greens and other vegetables from Smiley's Farm. Fresh farm eggs, locally raised beef, pork, chicken, and lamb provided by Walnut Hills and Conway Farm. Get a loaf of freshly baked whole grain bread from Ancestor Bakery, or a  bouquet of flowers to take home and put in a vase. The NFM at VUMC also offers creamy goat cheeses from Noble Springs Dairy and cave-aged goudas from Lost River Creamery, as well other food artisans that provide salsas, spices, oils, and more. 

The NFM at VUMC not only serves the Vanderbilt University campus but the Belmont University campus, the Hillsoboro Village area, and midtown. Be sure to stop by the plaza on Thursdays to meet the unique group of farmers and food artisans that proudly represent our market. It's your chance to take a break from your day and enjoy a unique outdoor shopping expereince while also purchasing the freshest, most quality food straight from the farm. 

May 25, 2016

The NFM Encourages Visitors to Walk, Bike, Ride-share, or Bus to the Market

As of this afternoon on May 25, 2016, at 1:30pm, the Nashville Farmers' Market staff was informed that the State of Tennessee will begin the demolition process of the two North Sheds tomorrow, May 26, 2016. This process marks the beginning of the construction of the new Tennessee State Museum, and the project will launce with the installation of an onsite fence that will enclose the museum's construction site. The construction site that will be blocked off includes the two sheds and the 155 parking spaces adjacent to them. Though we were aware that this major change to our onsite parking was coming, we were assured by State officials and leaders of the development team that we would have ample notice. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and the fence is set to be constructed tomorrow at no certain time.

These changes are occuring at pivitol time for the Nashville Farmers' Market, yet we remain positive and hopeful for the future. We are early into our second year as a producer-only market, and riding high on the peak of a wave of positive momentum. We have seen our farmer participation increase by 500% since the issuance of the producer-only policy (from 10 farmer participants in 2014 to over 50 this year in 2016), and our merchant community has grown into the most diverse group of vendors the NFM has ever seen. Our Market House food hall continues to boast record crowds 5 days a week, and our South Sheds are at 100% capacity on our busiest day during the height of peak growing season — a phenomenon never before seen at the Nashville Farmers' Market. Therefore, we are confident our community will continue to show us the support that makes us one of the top destinations in Nashville.  

As we move forward, we encourage our visitors to utilize the many forms of transit our great city has to offer. B-Cycles, ride-share options, trolleys, buses, and walking are all viable ways to reach our market during the time of the State's construction (which is set to be completed by summer of 2018, according to State officials). We hope to see our visitors begin to set an example for the rest of Nashville as our city moves from a commuter city to a greener, more sustainable metropolitan area.

This construction and the removal of the North Sheds was a decision made at the State and City level. It was not the decision of the farmers' market. Yet we will continue to do our best to accommodate not only the needs of our visitors, but our vast merchant community of restaurants, shops, farmers, artisan food makers, crafters, and flea vendors. Our staff will continue to educate our visitors of the best options to reach our market, and locate parking for our merchants in surrounding state lots.

This is an exciting time for Nashville! It is a place of progress and constant change. We hope our visitors and shoppers will continue to support our market, and in turn support the vibrant climate of entrepreneurship our city proudly exhibits. 

May 11, 2016

Strawberry Jubilee a Sweet Success!


Over 5,000 quarts of strawberries grown by local and regional farmers were sold to a record-breaking crowd of 8,000 festival attendees last Saturday at the Nashville Farmers' Market Strawberry Jubilee and Peak Season Celebration. Strawberry lovers arrived in droves to get a taste of Tennessee's sweetest berry, making Strawberry Jubilee 2016 the most successful to date! Strawberry farmers were sold out of berries by 1 p.m., and many of the food artisans, bakers, and meat farmers claimed it was their best day ever at the Nashville Farmers' Market. Overall, it was a day of exuberant celebration, and a true testimony of the market's success as it continues to progress as a producer-only market.

The list of merchants included eight local and regional strawberry farmers — Bloomsbury Farm, Conry Farms, Delvin Farms, Hancock Farm, Hill and Hollow Farm, Simon's Produce, Smiley's Farm, and Swafford Farms . The festival's sponsor Delvin Farms sold 600 quarts of certified organic berries by 12:30pm the day of the event, and when the second shipment arrived, the additional 200 quarts sold out in ten minutes — "Shoppers pulled flats of strawberries off the truck the minute they arrived," Hank Delvin, Jr. said.  "It was a ferocious crowd of shoppers looking for strawberries — we loved it! Thank you, Nashville Farmers' Market."

Cam Conry of Conry Farms sold all of his 200 gallons of strawberries by 12pm. "I brought twice the amount this year than I've ever brought before...Great job to everybody here — you did awesome," Conry said.  

In addition to the high attendance and huge amount of berries sold, the debut of the NFM's new Edible Kitchen sponsored by Edible Nashville was a giant success. Chef Audra Dykes and husband Nick Guidry of Slow Hand Coffee gave two outstanding strawberry shortcake demonstrations to an engaged crowd of 120+ guests. Everyone in attendance enjoyed a sample of chef Audra's cream cheese strawberry shortcake afterwards and left with red smiles, a recipe card, and a couple tips for supreme shortcake success.


And finally, the winners of the Strawberry Jubilee Strawberry Shortcake Contest were as follows — Sam Tucker of Village Bakery and Provisions for the Overall Taste category, eight-year-old Bella Brothers for her Overall Presentation that she created with her mom as a special Mother's Day treat, and Meg Guiffrida of Cherry Street Eatery taking home the Overall Winner ribbon. Our line-up of judges included Jill Melton of Edible Nashville, Nashville Farmers' Market Board member Priscilla Norman, Friends of the Nashville Farmers' Market founder Cindy Wall, Vice President at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Olivia Leow, and Council Member Jim Schulman. By far, these judges had the most difficult job of the entire festival. 

The success of the Nashville Farmers' Market Strawberry Jubilee and Peak Season Celebration could not have been possible without the support of our sponsor Delvin Farms, and all the festivals attendees who came to support their local farmers and Nashville's farmers' market.  It was indeed the sweetest event of the spring season. But remember! This is just the beginning of a bountiful season at the Nashville Farmers' Market, and we hope to see you all again real soon.

May 5, 2016

Peak Season at the Nashville Farmers’ Market

The Nashville Farmers' Market Strawberry Jubilee and Peak Season Celebration kicks off this Saturday May 7th at 10 a.m. But what does "peak season" actually mean? For a producer-only market like the Nashville Farmers' Market, a peak season celebration marks the beginning of Tennessee's growing season, when spring crops like strawberries and lettuces are mature enough to be harvested from the field. For shoppers at the Nashville Farmers' Market, the peak season means more fresh fruits, vegetables, and artisanal foods trickling into our farm sheds every week.

Moving into our second year as a producer-only market, we're expecting an abundant season of diverse flavors and seasonal produce from May through November. Our farm sheds will host 52 farmers throughout the season, along with 29 food artisans, 43 craft and flea merchants, and 5 local food trucks. This makes for a vibrant shopping experience for our visitors in search of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, artisanal cheeses, freshly baked breads, locally raised meats, pastured eggs, milk and dairy items, and more.

This Saturday at the Strawberry Jubilee and Peak Season Celebration, our market is expecting the largest turnout of merchants under our farm sheds that we've seen so far this year. Come for the abundant sea of juicy red berries provided by more than ten local and regional farmers, like Conry Farms, Simon's Produce, Smiley's Farm, Swafford's Farm, and our sponsor Delvin Farms. Also look for the beginnings of tender spring vegetables from Bloomsbury Farms, like butter lettuces, arugula, Swiss chard, and kale. Plano Produce Farm will have its usual handmade sacks of crisp mixed greens, and partners Farley Farm and Araron Leid Farm with host some fresh spring onion and baby yellow squash and zucchini — perfect for a tender sauté.

In addition to spring produce, peak season will also boast a wide selection of locally raised meats and pastured eggs from Walnut Hill Farms, KLD Farm, TN Grass Fed, and more. Select a freshly made artisan goat cheese from Noble Springs Dairy, a cave-aged gouda from Lost River Creamery, or a nice sharp cheddar from Farm Country Cheese. Freshly baked breads, rolls, pies and desserts will be abounding at the Schrock Family Farm and Bakery, and don't forget to visit Monchita's Cobblers inside the Market House for one of her famous strawberry pies. It will be an abundant year during the Tennessee growing season, so join us this Saturday for the Strawberry Jubilee and Peak Season Celebration!