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April 11, 2017

April Gardening at Gardens of Babylon

April is the most wonderful time of year at Gardens of Babylon—the weather is beginning to warm, spring is in the air, and the garden center has exploded into a lush and colorful bloom. April is also the month the gardening itch strikes our shoppers, and Gardens of Babylon is where all the green thumbs go for stunning selections of plants and pottery. To help you in all your horticultural endeavors, we’ve compiled a list of April gardening tips to get a jump start on beautifying your yard and home this season.

Warm-Season Vegetable Plants and Annuals. We’re nearing our region’s final frost date of April 15th, so now is the time to purchase warm-season annual ornamentals and vegetables to put in the ground after any chance of late frost. The ornamental and vegetable crop section at Gardens of Babylon is really popping-off right now, and we’re most excited for the giant heirloom tomato plants and hanging petunia baskets.

Raised Garden Beds. Did you know the landscaping division of Gardens of Babylon can add raised cedar beds to your backyard this season? Have a heightened home for your vegetables and herbs this year. These raised beds come in many sizes, and will keep you from having to stoop too low this spring.

Cool-Season Crops.  It’s not too late to plant those cool-season crops in your garden like kale, collards, and Swill chard! Did you know Swiss chard will produce all summer long?

Fruit-Producing Shrubs. April is a great month to plant fruit-producing shrubs like raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and more. That’s because they’re sturdy enough to withstand any late frosts April might bring. Find yours at Gardens of Babylon.

Hanging Baskets and Houseplants. Optimize your home’s atmosphere with gorgeous greenery for your porch, patios, and parlors. At Gardens of Babylon, you’ll find every color of calabrachoa, petunia, begonia, and the best deals on Boston and indoor ferns around.